Workshop I

In this department, dedicated enthusiasts present their fine artwork and their personal way to get great playing fun out of their vintage EGGER-BAHN system. Be it layout construction, be it just vehicle modification, there are so many ways to try out new possibilities! The thrilling view behind the scenes is intended to inspire you to start your own creative projects...

EGGER-BAHN Diesel loco components

EGGER-BAHN Diesel loco components

If you want to show off your own construction work here, please mail photographs and descriptional texts to . Any project published here will of course be fully credited!

You may browse through the gallery pages consecutively (links to the previous and next page are located in the blue bottom bar) or adress them directly from here:

Digital conversion project (Nils Fuhrmann, Germany)

Steam loco »Americanization« (John T. Hubbard, USA)

Large EGGER-BAHN layout (Volker Klein, Germany)

Workshop model by Auhagen used as loco shed (Ralph Stenzel, Germany)

Large scale replicas of EGGER-BAHN locos in 1:6 scale (Hans-Günter Papirnik, Germany)

A makshift EGGER-BAHN layout for the kitchen table (Andreas Zitzmann, Germany)

Modifications of HO and TT scale model kit buildings (Jo Heus, Germany)

Original EGGER-BAHN demonstration layouts (Heinz Lomnicky, Germany)

Another digital conversion project (Klaus-Dieter Wolk, Germany)

Fitting a flywheel mass in a locomotive (Klaus-Dieter Wolk, Germany)

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