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With today's superdetailing techniques, one certainly could weather and age EGGER-BAHN models for an extremely realistic look. But there's something fun and uniquely charming about box-stock models set up in unselfconscious dioramas. Anyone who was fortunate enough to have owned an EGGER-BAHN set as a child will remember the toylike magic of these odd little trains. Loosely laid track winding its way between green plastic fir trees doesn't necessarily mean a lack of modelling skill; rather, for many nostalgic fans, the charm lies precisely in this »perfect incompleteness«.

Catalogue scene from 1966/67

Catalogue scene from 1966/67

In this spirit we present: The EGGER-BAHN Friends' Gallery! If you have a picture (or pictures!) to contribute to this site, please email it as a .JPG file to . Submitted pictures should meet the basic requirements of a good photo (in focus, with correct exposure), and should portray a complete scene without extraneous surrounding objects. Naturally, photos used on the site will be credited to their creators. You don't have to have a layout to participate - a temporary diorama or scene can yield great pictures!

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Brickworks and dump car trains (Cliff Jew, Berkeley, California)

OEG tram train (Jaap Schippers, The Netherlands)

Ruhr-Lippe steam car (Andreas Schoppe, Germany)

Brickworks (Reinhard Schimmel, Germany)

Freight and passenger trains, some with modified vehicles (Horst Eising, Germany)

Unusual train sets (Ralph Stenzel, Germany)

Layout with bucket chain excavator (Timothy Lion, Bejing, China)

Long freight cars upgraded with twin-axle bogies (Richard Willi, Vorarlberg, Österreich)

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