Models I

EGGER-BAHN Diesel loco

The first EGGER-BAHN locomotive was the short Diesel loco which was inspired by a Gmeinder prototype. Later on, the little engine with its single powered rear axis was replaced by a longer and somewhat broader version with all four wheels driven. Several colour variants are known (red or black chassis), as well as different subtypes (open or closed doors, flat or detailled roof, motors of several brands). These varieties were never mentioned in the catalogues, so passionate collectors have a lot to discuss...

Track segment (early version)

With a length of only 24mm, the matching light railway cars were pretty lovely: Dump cars, box cars and log cars can be coupled to form nice and life-like trains. Enthusiasts may notice some different subtypes here again! Several loads and freights like (plastic) stones, coal, wood or even milk cans were available, both as loose parts or already glued to the tiny waggons. Unfortunately, the models with loads already affixed do look quite ugly sometimes due to the excessive use of plastic cement... Quite soon, EGGER enhanced their program by adding narrow track passenger cars, matching locos and other vehicles as well. Due to lack of personal interest, I won't go into detail here.

Track segment (late version)

Tracks were made with smooth and thin, widely spaced sleepers initially. Later on (and against the will of the company's founder, Theodor Egger), the moulds were modified to produce irregular, »western style« sleepers. The resulting »primitive« look, however, was purely fictional and had no resemblance to actual light railway tracks. Another difference is to be found in the materials used: The later track variants were made of magnetic metal to support the ill-fated »Magna-Kraft« system. Switches (manually or electrically powered) came in a great variety, too: Some had low profile, pseudo-wooden coil housings, others featured cubical drive boxes. Several power transformers and switching units for the electro-magnetical parts (switches and decoupler tracks) completed the EGGER accessory range.

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