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The offical website of the reincarnated EGGER-BAHN brand (German)

A French, lavishly illustrated EGGER-BAHN fan page / continuation 1 / continuation 2

EGGER-BAHN page by Patrick Broguière (French)

EGGER-BAHN page by a Dutch collector friend (multilingual)

MinitrainS - vintage light railway models reissued

Frank's H0e model railroad pages (German)

Light railway modeling page by Marcel Ackle (German)

Home Depot (H0n30)

Japanese perfection

Baumann Feldbahn (large scale models, German)

Model Workshop Bertram Heyn (45 mm, German)

Carocar: Light railway precision models in various scales


Light railway pages by Ralf Schreiner (bilingual)

Industrial narrow gauge railways

Franconian light railway museum (German)

Light railway museum 500 (German)

Light railway museum Frankfurt (German)

Light railway museum Guldental (German)


Available light railway books at (German)

»Kleine Bahn ganz gross« - in zonebattler's homezone (German)

EGGER LECTRON website (German)

EGGER LECTRON website (English) - a sister project to this nostalgic toy site (German)